To: the Bayview Lutheran Church Community

The Bayview Reopening Task Force has been at work researching the appropriate guidelines and timing for the resumption of in person meetings and services.  We have been following the recommendations of the State and Local health departments closely and surveying the plans and recommendations of other local congregations. In addition to guidelines for in-person worship, rules for use of facilities by outside groups and funerals/weddings are also being developed.

Unfortunately, our progress has been affected by the recent change in the activity level of the covid virus in our area, rising from moderate to high activity in Door County two weeks ago and remaining at high activity in Kewaunee County.  The case rate in Door County has doubled in the few short weeks we have been active.  We are following the Badger Bounce Back guidelines for safe re-opening, and realize that we have not met the necessary criteria.

 It is clear from the observations of our Task Force members, other church members, and the County public health department, that in multiple venues around the City and County citizens are congregating close together in large groups and not wearing masks. Going forward, while leadership from the top will be essential to stemming the tide of this threat, we as citizens and Church members need to set an example by always maintaining distance, wearing a mask over nose and mouth when appropriate, and frequently washing our hands and sanitizing.  Local control of this pandemic will depend on our collective success in following the known effective rules.

If our community can come together along with our Church and achieve a higher level of compliance, our path to reopening can be expedited.

The average age of our County population is significantly above the rest of the State of Wisconsin. This makes it even more urgent that we are diligent in our efforts. In the meantime, online services will continue with safety and health of our Church and community our greatest concerns.

We will keep you informed with frequent communications.  We invite your questions and advice.  Please call or email Pastor Beth Macha  (920-562-2853,

The Bayview Reopening Task Force