Worship Times:

8:00 AM ~ Traditional Service
9:15 AM ~ Sunday School
10:30 AM ~ Contemporary (1st four Sundays of the month.)
Healing Service every fifth Sunday weekend.
Communion is served at all services every weekend and festival days.

About Communion at Bay View Lutheran Church

All are welcome at the Lord’s Table, regardless of age or Church background. Please come forward at the time indicated by the Pastor and ushers to commune with us at the Lord’s Table. 

Children or others who will not be communing today are invited to come forward for a pastoral blessing. 
We offer the Sacrament by intinction; the bread is placed in your hand and you then dip the bread into the wine (red) or grape juice (clear). Those whose mobility is limited may be communed at their seat by informing an usher. 

Jesus invites us to receive what we call Holy Communion “to remember” him. We teach and believe that communion is a means of receiving God’s grace and forgiveness which strengthens us in this life and prepares us for life eternal. 

Jesus Christ, risen from the dead,
gives everyone a place at the welcome table. 
Alleluia! Come to the feast!